The NAO recommendations were very helpful and we acted on them well in advance of publication of their report and re-designed our procedures to prevent a similar thing happening again. The Community Fund will continue to make what some sections of the media will always regard as controversial grants, but we must make sure that these are good grants which are able to withstand any form of public scrutiny. Throughout this often challenging year I have been grateful for the support of a strong and stable Management Team and enthusiastic and committed staff at all levels in the organisation.solicitors

While changes wrought externally are likely to see Community Fund participating in the creation of a new distributor, our relationship with our customers continues seamlessly. No matter what its title, our staff will have a valued role to play in the new organisation and will continue to focus on making good grants which enhance the lives of the most deprived people and communities. Gavin is 15 and has been excluded by his secondary school. He was judged by teachers to be beyond control. By his own admission he is a bit of a handful. One corner of his mouth twitches resentful at the mention of school. It has done nothing for him.

I never really liked school, I never got on. I like to be doing stuff. Stuff’ being something physical. He would rather be here, hands blissfully oil, pulling old cars apart. Gavin is one of the lucky ones. He lives in Walsall in the West Midlands. Instead of kicking around the streets the fate of most excluded pupils bored. making mischief and tempted into petty crime, he’s been referred by his school to the Walsall Motor Access Project.

Part of the bargain is that he spends two mornings a week in school while the rest of his time he works among the jumble of disassembled old cars and motor-bikes that fills the project’s workshop in John Street. Gavin’s been coming for two months. In this overtly masculine workplace environment, with its possé of brawny but warm-hearted staff and volunteers. his behaviour and attitude to authority have done a rapid u-turn. Although only a raw recruit, his potential is already being recognised, joining a regular pit crew for weekend banger racing activities. Other boys on the project are taken quad-bike racing at weekends. It’s a seven-day-a-week business. At half term he could have taken the week off, but he is here in the workshop, engrossed in his tussle with the rusty cogs, and will be until they lock up and send him, and the other boys, home at 8pm. Read More: E Conveyancing Adelaide